Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Stockbridge

Stockbridge Tree Service understands the entire process from start to finish of tree removal on your property. We begin by meeting with you to discuss which trees need to be removed and then working on removing them. The issue is that once the tree has been removed, you are left with a tree stump. Some homeowners do not mind having a tree stump left over, but others want them completely removed.

Once a tree is removed, the stump can leave an unsightly mess. 

Tree stumps are not easily removed because they have many large roots spread out in many different directions. That is why the option of stump grinding is one that people can access to eliminate the stumps that are left behind on their property.


Stump Grinding and Removal


The stump grinding process is one that Stockbridge Tree Service uses when removing what is left of the tree below the ground. The ground area is converted to a usable area when the stump is ground up. The space left behind can be a bonus for homeowners because they will use that area for other things where a tree is used to occupy the space.

How is Stump Grinding Done?


What is a Stump Grinder?


Stockbridge Tree Service has a unique machine called a stump grinder used to remove the stump quickly and efficiently. This machine can remove a stump from any tough-to-access area and remove it for the homeowner. Stump grinders look like a combination of a lawnmower and a circular saw and can be rolled up on top of the stump to grind it up into a mulch of tree bits that can just be incorporated into the soil.


How Does Stump Grinding Work?


When you call the pros at Stockbridge Tree Service, we arrive with our stump grinder and chew up the stump wood bit by bit once the tree has been cut down. The powerful rotating blades of the stump grinder rip at the stump wood and grind it. The teeth on the grinder blades cut the stump wood down as the operator guides the machine over the top of the stump. The stump will continue to be ground until it is below ground level.

There will be a void left in the ground after the stump has been ground away. You can fill this void in with soil or use the wood chips left over from the stump grinding process and use them to fill in the hole.

Once a tree has been cut down, the roots will stop growing, but it can take several weeks for those roots to die. Certain types of trees can generate a new stem from the root, and if the sprouts continue to create branches, this can regenerate the tree that you have just had removed.

You need to carefully watch the area and remove any generated sprouts as they come up from the ground. The final death of the tree roots may take up to a full year once the tree is removed, so professional tree companies, including Stockbridge Tree Service, recommend the removal of the tree stump and stump grinding.

If you want to do this process yourself, you can rent a stump grinding machine from a local rental place, but it will take you several hours, and the noise is extremely loud. Tree service companies such as Stockbridge Tree Service can handle this task in much less time, and you will not have to put yourself at risk of injury. Our professionals are trained to deal with the removal of stumps, and we have plenty of experience doing the work.